The lie that the economy is great is so obviously fake – yet they have shown that if they repeat it 24/7 some people will believe it.

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by Mr8472

They tell us that government DATA is more real than our wallets and that we are just too stupid to comprehend how good the economy is. Bulls**t!

2/3 of Americans dont have 1000 Dollars in case of an emergency

3/4 of the Middle Class are “gasping for air”

Inflation was easily 2x what they officially admit. For me rent+groceries went up from 1200 in 2019 to 2300 now. House prices have doubled within the last 5 years.

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People are unable to afford a house/family. Except for the top 20% everyone is struggling financially far more than 5 years ago.

If 5 years ago you could afford 100 things and have 500 Dollars left at the end of the month and now you can afford just 90 things and have nothing left – then you are objectively doing worse. But some people outside the 20% – actually believe that they are doing better despite not being able to afford food at the end of the month.

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