The largest judicial corruption scandal in the entire recent history of democracy in Spain

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A scandal rocks the Spanish Supreme Court as 10 out of 16 magistrates from its Criminal Chamber are caught with accounts in tax havens, marking a grave breach of judicial integrity and democracy’s trust. The amnesty offered does not shield anyone, including Marchena, from accountability, signaling a deep-seated corruption crisis within Spain’s judiciary.

  • 10 magistrates from the Supreme Court’s Criminal Chamber implicated in tax haven accounts scandal.
  • This scandal is deemed the largest judicial corruption scandal in recent Spanish democratic history.
  • The amnesty does not protect any implicated magistrate, including Marchena, indicating a dire crisis of corruption within Spain’s judiciary.
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Constitution of 1978
The current Constitution of 1978 dedicates its Title VI to the Judiciary Power and its article 123 to the Supreme Court recognizing it as the highest judicial body in all orders, with jurisdiction throughout Spain, its president being appointed by the (non elected)king, on the proposal of the General Council of the Judiciary, in the manner determined by law.



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