The GOP is Back to Making Its Stupid National Security Argument Against Immigration

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by Chris Black

Open borders activists make the point that the illegals are mesoamericans, not Arab Muslims, and US blacks are more criminal than illegal immigrants by a lot so if anything they lower urban crime rates.

GOP donors, including for Chip Roy, agree with Alex Nowrasteh’s views on borders, so this is meaningless theater.

A coherent economic or racial argument is off the table so they have to grasp for straws.

There is no way to reform America.

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The last decade of populism has proven this.

We must continue building politically independent institutions intended to defeat the controlled right, not sell out to them.

There isn’t really anything else to do.

If you want to try your hand at an elite infiltration strategy, then you should be trying to sell the pro white message to liberals and progressives like Richard Spencer.

The Republican Party has 0 power to effect any change, locally or nationally.

Go look at Donald Trump’s presidency or Ron DeSantis’ governorship where every “red meat” law he passes is blown to smithereens in federal court.

The conservative movement today is not only retarded and counter productive, they fundamentally agree with the left on matters of race, making them 100% worthless and nothing more than an obstruction we have to push out of the way.

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Imagine what Brazil or the US would be like if our ancestors did not get greedy and fill the Americas up with cheap labor from Africa.

In Brazil’s case it would probably be heaven on earth, and in America, there would be 100s thousands of people needlessly murdered over the decades still alive today.

Just like individuals have karma, so do nations.

When you hire illegal aliens because it’s cheap, your children and grandchildren will pay when they’re living in Honduras II.


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