The Gathering Storm: 91% of Fund Managers Predict Falling Rates, Echoes of Past Crises

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A sense of foreboding emerges as 91% of fund managers unite in the belief that interest rates are destined to fall. This unnervingly high consensus has historically preceded major market downturns, reminiscent of the Dotcom bear market in 2000-2001, the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and the Covid panic in 2020.

Adding to the apprehension, a looming crisis in the commercial real estate market, with over $2.2 trillion in debt maturing before 2028. The prospect of widespread defaults looms large as property owners grapple with refinancing at higher rates, painting a precarious future for the sector.

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The Bill Is Coming Due on a Record Amount of Commercial Real Estate Debt

More than $2.2 trillion in debt is maturing before 2028, and much of that will have to be refinanced at higher rates

For many in China, the economy feels like it is in recession

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