The Fed’s supposed mandate for price stability appears to be a smokescreen, concealing a system that quietly robs everyday citizens of their financial security.

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“The Fed has a mostly bullshit mandate to keep prices “stable.”

What they know is the higher the inflation, the richer them and all their friends get with ZERO effort or success.

So how do they accomplish this?

1. They increase the target range of inflation from 0% to 1-2%
2. Once 2% is hard to hold, they LIE about the rate of inflation. Hedonic adjustments, substitution….basically they make up whatever the fuck they want within reason.
3. Then when even the lie isn’t working well enough, the target is permanently the high end of their “range” or 2%
4. Then they repeat

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The goal is to steal your hard work and production without your knowledge.”

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