The Federal Reserve’s actions signal an impending crisis, with housing and EV markets faltering.

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The stock market often turns a blind eye to the crumbling economy until it’s too late.

By removing emergency measures for banks and maintaining high rates, the Federal Reserve has set the stage for a looming crisis. There’s no safety net in sight; they’re deliberately steering us towards another crash.

The signs were there as early as September ’19 when the banking system began to falter, prompting the Fed to intervene. Yet, they only exacerbated the problem by pulling away support.

Now, in 2023, history seems to be repeating itself with similar tactics. Housing prices are plummeting at unprecedented rates, and the real estate market is flooded with surplus agents. Even electric vehicle dealerships are feeling the pinch, with prices dropping drastically and inventory piling up.

As global liquidity dwindles, the financial landscape grows more uncertain. And with central banks tightening their grip, the situation is only getting worse.

Jerome Powell’s recent remarks offer little solace, suggesting that interest rate cuts won’t be the saving grace for the faltering U.S. economy. It’s as if we’re sailing into a storm with no lifeline in sight.

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