The farmers are saying NO to the climate agenda…

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Europe farmers protests: EU scraps plans to halve pesticide use

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has announced plans to scrap a proposal halving pesticide use across the EU.

The move is an apparent concession to farmers who have been protesting in many EU countries against regulations including the planned reduction in pesticide use.
Ms von der Leyen said the proposal had become a “symbol of polarisation”.
The reversal still needs to be formally approved.
Pesticide reduction is among a number of grievances that farmers in countries including France, Belgium and the Netherlands have been demonstrating against in recent weeks.
They argue that reducing the amount of pesticide they are allowed to use will negatively impact their crops and therefore put food production in the EU at risk.
“Our farmers deserve to be listened to,” Ms Von der Leyen told the European Parliament on Tuesday.

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