The City has NEVER been as dangerous as it is right now.

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A New York City woman was sexually assaulted by a stranger who threw a belt around her neck and dragged her unconscious body behind a parked car.

The revolting attack occurred on May 1 as the 45-year-old victim passed through the South Bronx.

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The New York Police Department confirmed to that the woman was walking near East 152nd Street and Third Avenue around 3 a.m. when an unknown man crept up behind her.

The man placed a belt around the victim’s neck, causing her to go unconscious, before sexually assaulting her, the NYPD said.

Surveillance video reviewed by shows the woman walking ahead of her attacker, who had tied a white cloth around the lower half of his face.

“As a lifelong New Yorker I can say that the City has NEVER been as dangerous as it is right now. Not even in the 80’s. The reason is because these dangerous criminals now know that there is NO real punishment for these crimes. Whenever they are arrested they are out almost immediately. Then, if they ever return to court, they are dismissed with a scolding and a slap on the wrist. This is a fact – and it is happening in many other Democratic run Cities. HOW can anybody – ANYBODY- support the elected officials who are responsible for this? HOW?”

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