The big story at this point is not that Biden is corrupt … it’s that the DOJ is corrupt.

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Amidst the controversy surrounding President Biden’s alleged involvement, the focus shifts to the Department of Justice (DOJ), raising concerns of a long-standing pattern of interference and cover-ups. The recent refusal by the FBI to allow Congress access to Hunter’s laptop becomes yet another instance in a series of actions fueling suspicions of corruption within the DOJ.

A glaring contradiction surfaces as new reports reveal Biden’s prior statement asserting no discussion with his son about overseas business dealings. However, recent revelations indicate a meeting between Biden and the chairman of a Chinese energy firm Hunter sought to partner with, unfolding at the Four Seasons.

Journalist Miranda Devine sheds light on a crucial piece of evidence: the “H to Zang” letter dated March 22, 2016. Previously inaccessible, it has now been presented to the House Judiciary Committee by Hunter’s ex-partner, Rob Walker. The letter establishes a relationship with CEFC during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, contradicting the narrative that payments to Hunter and associates only occurred after Joe left office.

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As the narrative unfolds, questions about the DOJ’s integrity persist. The allegations surrounding Biden’s conduct take a backseat to growing concerns about an institution meant to uphold justice appearing compromised. The spotlight intensifies on the need for transparency and accountability within the Department of Justice.


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