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by Chris Black

I don’t know how to tell you that and how many time we will have to tell you that (stop reading fear-porn-selling retards like Snyder) but the stock market will never “crash” ever again.

At most it will drop 10%, they will halt trading, printers will go brrr overnight and it will climb back up the next day. 

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What you will see though are bankruptcies, a lot of them.

 Not on the same day but spread out like it’s something normal. The solution to avoid a crash is print money, and  between inflation and a crash they will choose inflation every time. 

As long as people can eat some cheap goyslop and watch cheap entertainment,  nothing will happen.

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Small, overextended banks will be decimated by the rates hike, it’s by design. 

Every time the FED increased the rates there has been a crash and bankruptcies, abd this time you won’t see a crash.

Go for gold if you’re a boomer, crypto, long tech stonks and big-bank stonks and you’ll be fine.

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