The Backward Dilemma: Student Loans for Learning, But Not for Entrepreneurship?

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In a paradoxical twist, today’s teens find themselves entrusted with borrowing substantial amounts, often upwards of $100,000, to pursue an education in business from professors who may have never ventured into the entrepreneurial arena themselves. Yet, the same trust isn’t extended when it comes to borrowing a mere $10,000 to kickstart their own business endeavors.

Amidst this conundrum, a notable shift seems to be underway. Observers sense an awakening, particularly within communities that emphasize entrepreneurship. Many individuals, especially among Gen Z and millennials, are forging their own paths, embracing a spirit of entrepreneurship that challenges the conventional norms.

However, a concerning trend persists. A substantial percentage, with 43% of Gen Z and 41% of millennials, admit to grappling with what is termed “money dysmorphia.” This suggests a flawed perception of finances, and it is attributed, in part, to the lack of economic education in traditional college curriculums. For the considerable investment of $20,000 to $100,000 annually, the expectation of a more comprehensive understanding of crucial financial concepts, including inflation, money printing, and budgeting, seems justified.

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