The Airbnb Apocalypse: Cities Across the U.S. Crack Down on Short-Term Rentals

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The Airbnb Apocalypse, as some are calling it, is no longer confined to major cities like New York City; it’s spreading to places like Kansas City as well. But let’s clarify something first: the bust and the apocalypse are two distinct concepts.

Cities are reacting to an oversupply of Airbnb listings, and their response is aimed at restoring balance. Airbnb properties, being homes, can, if forced into long-term rentals or put up for sale, become regular housing units, thus helping level the housing market. Currently, over 1,000 short-term rentals are listed on Airbnb, but nearly half of them may vanish as a three-month grace period under new city regulations expires this week.

Kansas City is taking this issue seriously, cracking down on the short-term rental phenomenon that’s been criticized for regulatory avoidance. With the grace period ending, almost half of the current listings are expected to disappear. Violators could face hefty fines of up to $1,000 per day, signaling a shift in how cities deal with short-term rentals.

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Airbnb is awful now, everything changed…

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