That Foul Jobs Report! Full-time Jobs Tank Under Bidenomics As Serious Delinquencies On Auto Loans Soar To Highest Level Since The Great Recession (PPI Is Deflating But Inflation Remains Higher Than Under Trump)

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by confoundedinterest17

As some fans celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers (the game was so much like bread and circuses from the Roman Empire except for who is being thrown to the lions), we have been distracted from the horrible state of the US economy. Just review that horrible December Jobs report where the US actually LOST full-time jobs, replaced by part-time jobs.

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And with the God awful jobs report, serious delinquencies on auto loans is SOARING. To the highest rate since The Great Recession.

The Producers Price Index is deflating.

At least inflation is cooling down, but still higher than under he that can’t be mentioned on The View, Rachel Maddow or Morning Joe, Donald Trump, the Left’s Voldemort.

I admit, Travis Kelce should have been benched for shoving Head Coach Andy Reid during The Super Bowl. “Damn it, Taylor (Swift) flew here from Tokyo to watch me play and you aren’t throwing enough to me!” Welcome Travis Kelce to the elitist 1% who think the rules don’t apply to them. And your 2.0 GPA at University of Cincinnati certainly qualifies you to opine on the economy … on The View or MSNBC.

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