Texas Takes Legal Stand Against Border Crisis, Governors Rally for Constitutional Defense Amid Rising Invasion Threats

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As Texas faces a brewing showdown with the Biden administration over the escalating border crisis, the Lone Star state finds itself entangled in multiple lawsuits, with at least three challenging its efforts to defend the southern border.

Governor Greg Abbott declared on January 24, 2024, that over 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed Texas’s southern border in three years, asserting the state’s constitutional authority to protect itself from this invasion as the supreme law of the land. This statement garnered support from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and state representatives in South Carolina, joined by governors from 25 states, who echoed Texas’s right to enforce federal law for self-defense.

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Examining the constitutional powers at play, the need to secure life, liberty, and property prompts the use of the Constitution to delegate enumerated power to the national government for a uniform rule of naturalization. However, current defiance of constitutional rules on immigration is evident, with Congress and President Biden leveraging the United Nations and non-governmental organizations to facilitate a systematic influx of aliens at the southwest border.

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Amidst these tensions, a false flag alert emerges as an FBI memo warns of potential white supremacist attacks on illegal alien centers in South Texas. Reports suggest extremist right-wing militiamen might be plotting to target a Border Patrol facility in Eagle Pass, raising concerns of framing MAGA Republicans in this volatile landscape.





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