Tesla Halts Cybertruck Deliveries After Video Detailing Potentially Fatal Flaw Goes Viral

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A viral video of a Tesla Cybertruck owner explaining a problem with his accelerator pedal has piqued the interest of a federal vehicle safety agency.

The incident comes as Tesla has paused deliveries of its Cybertruck without offering much of an explanation.

The chain of events began Thursday when Jose Martinez said he was driving his six-day-old  Cybertruck on a Southern California drag strip, according to CNBC.

The truck started to accelerate on its own until Martinez braked, stopped the car and saw that a rubber cover on the accelerator was loose.

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Tesla has reportedly paused all Cybertruck deliveries as customers have complained of a potentially fatal flaw with the electric vehicle’s accelerator pedal.

According to mulitple reports on social media, including in the Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum, customers of the once-highly coveted stainless steel Tesla truck have received messages from dealerships notifying them that their delivery appointments had been cancelled.

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Many of the notices reportedly said that the latest shipments of the Cybertruck won’t become available until after April 20 due to “unexpected delays,” as earlier reported by the Daily Mail.

“I asked for clarity as to the specific reason and have been ignored,” one user on the Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum wrote on Friday.


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