Tensions Escalate: US B-1 Bombers En Route to Middle East as Yemen Houthis Issue Threat to Underwater Cable

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In a rapidly developing situation, US B-1 bombers have left Lakenheath Air Base in Britain, heading towards the Middle East, as reported by a US Department of Defense official to Sky News Arabia. Simultaneously, a shocking report emerges as Yemen Houthis threaten to cut an underground fiberoptic cable in the Red Sea if the US and UK launch another attack on Yemeni airports. The cable, described as the “lifeblood” of communication pathways connecting Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, holds immense significance for global financial systems.

As tensions rise, the Houthis assert that all war options are on the table, emphasizing their readiness for retaliatory actions. The situation is marked by uncertainty, with both Western countries and the Houthi rebels making preparations for potential escalations in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

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