Tennessee housing bubble puts them all to shame

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Tennessee Housing Market on the Precipice Nashville and Knoxville Real Estate Warning

The housing crash is continuing to unfold across the country, but certain states are falling faster than others, and the state of Tennessee has now taken the mantle as the largest housing bubble in the US housing market. Markets like Phoenix and Austin used to be thought of as the largest housing bubbles, but over the last six months those metros have begun to see their home values fall, but Tennessee has not, instead residential real estate in Tennessee is still appreciating in value.

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If you are thinking about buying a house in the Nashville metro, or the Knoxville metro, or really anywhere in Tennessee this video is a must watch. We do a deep dive on the entire Tennessee housing market and go over the counties that are most overvalued right now, and where homebuyers and home sellers should consider buying or selling based on the historical data.

The data used in this video comes from Zillow, Realtor.com, and the US Census Bureau.

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