Suns Owner Under Heavy Fire After Leaked Voicemail

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PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia is under heavy fire online after an alleged stong-worded voicemail hit the internet on Tuesday.

Appearing on the “Pablo Torre Finds Out” podcast with former ESPN and award winning journalist Pablo Torre, Hunterbrook Media says they obtained a voicemail left by Ishbia to a “close counter-party” after Ishbia’s mortgage company (UWM) surpassed Rocket Mortage as the No. 1 company in the country last year, which is owned by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

Transcript of the voicemail, which was first allegedly leaked in a Facebook group of independent brokers:

“Hey buddy, hope you’re doing good. Just want to say love ya. We f—– took those c——– down. F— them. We’re going to keep f—– sticking it to them, forever. F— those guys. We’re No. 1. We kicked the s— out of them. Brokers are No. 1. UWM is No. 1. You’re No. 1. We’re all No. 1 together – and f— them. I f—– hate them with all my heart and we’re gonna keep kicking their ass every f—— day, that’s why I was here at f—– 4 AM again today, I don’t give a f—. We’re gonna keep kicking ass. So love you man, we talked about it (inaudible). I’m gonna win and you’re gonna win. Both are happening right now. Keep hiring. Keep building. Keep growing. Let’s f—– go.” – Suns owner Mat Ishbia

Full clip:

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