Stunning What’s Crossing Our Border Unimaginable

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This is truly frightening
Each man is asked where they are from and where they are going. Most are from Africa and few understand English

I know some don’t care to watch a video, but there is no other way to describe this. He goes down the line asking two simple questions. A few men are clearly sick.

Yes, Anthony is abrupt and that is how he is able to get the answers. He tones it down with the older men and is respectful. Before feeling bad for these men remember they are taking money and resources from every American family. They are invading our country and they know what they are doing

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The further down the line he walks the worse it gets. Each one of these men will receive taxpayer benefits and free housing.

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I’ve been watching these videos for a couple of years. Only the obvious child trafficking video tops this one.

This is bad and hundreds of these men cross each day. You see the lines, but this is the first time you see their faces and hear them trying to speak.

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