Study Reveals Troubling Truth: Gender-Affirming Surgery Linked to Increased Depression and Suicide

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In a startling revelation that pierces through the veil of misinformation, a recent study has shed light on the dark realities of gender-affirming surgery. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is not a panacea for individuals grappling with their gender identity but instead is associated with significantly elevated depression rates and a distressing increase in suicidal ideation and attempts.

The use of suicide as a tool of emotional blackmail to coerce parental consent for gender transition lays bare the sinister underbelly of gender ideology. Parents are presented with a false dichotomy—’a live daughter or a dead son’—to compel their approval, perpetuating a narrative built on fear and manipulation.

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But perhaps most damning of all are the study’s findings themselves. A staggering 12.12-fold higher rate of suicidal ideation and attempts post-surgery shatters the illusion of gender-affirming surgery as a path to happiness and fulfillment.

As we confront the stark realities illuminated by this study, it becomes painfully clear that everything about gender ideology is a lie. The promises of liberation and self-discovery crumble in the face of the harsh truths of increased depression and suicidal behavior.

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