State intervention, like in EVs, leads to capital misallocation, reducing living standards.

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The push towards electric vehicles (EVs) often seems more driven by political agendas rather than sound economic principles. It’s alarming to witness how state intervention can lead to such colossal misallocations of capital, ultimately diminishing the world’s standard of living. Your analogy regarding government economic “planning” hits the nail on the head—it’s akin to a futile exercise in busywork rather than genuine progress.

The frenzy surrounding lithium, carbon credits, wind, solar, and EVs is indeed concerning. While the current generation of batteries heavily relies on lithium, there’s no guarantee that this will remain the case in the future. The volatility in lithium prices exemplifies the inherent risks associated with such speculative investments. The fact that lithium prices skyrocketed only to plummet dramatically underscores the unpredictability of these markets.

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