St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones on crime in convenience stores and gas stations: “Hold the business owners accountable”

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How dare Mayor Tishaura Jones suggest that business owners be held accountable for the crimes happening in their establishments! This is an outrageous and unjust proposal that completely misses the mark on addressing the root causes of crime. Instead of tackling the systemic issues that lead to criminal behavior, she is scapegoating hardworking business owners who are already struggling to make ends meet.

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It’s appalling that during a meeting among America’s black mayors, where they should be discussing real solutions to uplift their communities, Mayor Jones would resort to such a misguided and harmful stance. This only serves to further victimize already marginalized communities and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

Rather than demonizing small business owners, Mayor Jones should focus on implementing comprehensive strategies that address poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare, and systemic racism—all of which contribute to the cycle of crime. Holding business owners accountable for societal failures is not only unjust but also counterproductive in the fight against crime and inequality. Mayor Jones should retract her statement and apologize to the business community for such a reckless suggestion.

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