SPY ETF soars with longest winning streak since 2020 despite economic concerns.

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The SPY (S&P 500) ETF has surged with a nine-day winning streak, marking its longest stretch to a new high since 2020. Despite economic concerns signaled by the Citi US economic surprise index, the S&P 500 approaches record highs. In a surprising twist, bad news appears to be driving market optimism, with Goldman earnings estimates slightly below consensus.

  • The SPY (S&P 500) ETF achieves its longest winning streak since 2020, rallying to new highs.
  • The S&P 500 edges closer to record highs even as the Citi US economic surprise index declines, indicating economic concerns.
  • Surprisingly, the market seems to interpret bad news as good news, fueling optimism despite underlying economic worries.
  • Goldman earnings estimates come in slightly below consensus, yet the market remains buoyant.
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