Sperm and eggs from HIV positive donors approved in UK.

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Same-sex couples with non-transmissible HIV will now be able to donate eggs or sperm and become parents.

UK laws are changing to keep up with the science that shows it is safe, say experts.

Highly effective medication means the risk of passing the virus on can be eliminated.

The move is part of wider work to improve IVF access and ensure equal rights.

Fairer system

The law change will mean thousands of same-sex couples where one or both partners have HIV but an undetectable viral load – meaning it can’t be passed on – can have children.

Until now, the only allowance for HIV was a man giving sperm to a female partner.

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Campaigners say it is a “huge win” for both HIV and LGBT+ rights.

Deborah Gold from the National Aids Trust said: “We are now looking ahead to Parliament approving this secondary legislation, and celebrating the huge difference it will bring to lives and choices of LGBT+ people living with HIV who want to start a family.”

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People with HIV can now donate sperm or eggs to family, friends and known recipients provided that:

  • They have a “sustained, undetectable viral load”
  • They have been receiving antiretroviral treatment for at least six months prior to donation; and
  • The known recipient is aware of their HIV diagnosis and consents.


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