South Korean City Doing “Matchmaking” Events to Try to Boost World’s Birth Rates

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by Chris Black

If memory serves, best Korea has the worst birth rate in the world.

However, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the birthrate problem is not a result of people not being able to meet each other.
This is a hard to pill to swallow, but stick with me: the reason for women (in “westernized” countries only) not having kids is feminism.

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Women do not want to have kids. They want to have adventures.

Maybe tax incentives can help. But the big thing is making it unaffordable for women to remain single.



Against the backdrop of Christmas songs, 100 South Korean men and women gathered at a hotel near Seoul dressed in their best with name tags hanging on their clothes, hoping to find love.

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The government hopes they make babies.

They were participants at a mass blind-dating event hosted by Seongnam city, an attempt by the local government to reverse a falling birth rate in a country where the popularity of marriage and enthusiasm towards parenthood have nosedived.


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