So many people don’t know how inflation works

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via Reddit:

Just a rant here. Whenever I’m scrolling through non-financial subreddits, especially the car subreddits, I find it amazing that so many people have a very poor grasp of how monetary supply, debt, and inflation works. All I read is about greedy corporations, greedy dealers and misplaced anger. Did people suddenly develop more greed in the past 5 years? Did dealers just figure out that you can charge more for a car and make more profit? Or was it the $5 trillion dollars in circulation that was created out of thin air in the past 5 years that was somewhat responsible?

Granted, there’s an emotional and psychological component to inflation and no one really knows for certain how monetary policy will actually play out but it’s so crazy to think most people just blame it on greed of some people rather than these large policies causing the effect.

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