SNB Chairman warns of debt risks, stresses need for productivity growth.

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Amidst concerns over global economic challenges, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan emphasizes the imperative of maintaining price stability in monetary policy. His remarks shed light on pressing issues such as low growth, high debt levels, and the urgent need for structural reforms to bolster productivity and ensure long-term economic resilience.

Key points:

  • Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus on price stability in monetary policy.
  • Jordan highlights concerns about low economic growth, productivity, and high levels of debt and deficits in many countries.
  • Structural reforms are identified as essential for enhancing productivity and stimulating growth, addressing the underlying challenges.
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Potential Implication:

  • Failure to address low growth, productivity, and high debt levels could lead to economic instability and financial vulnerability.
  • Structural reforms aimed at increasing productivity may require significant policy adjustments and political will.
  • Jordan’s remarks underscore the importance of prudent fiscal and monetary policies in ensuring long-term economic sustainability.



Eurozone sees reduced government debt, but deficits persist, with some countries exceeding 3% of GDP.

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