Rising Nationalism: Europe Witnesses Wave of Right-Wing Victories and Policy Shifts

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The recent political landscape in Europe reflects a notable shift, with nationalist sentiments gaining traction across several nations. From the landslide victory of Geert Wilders in the Dutch election to the significant gains of AfD in Germany and the election of Finland’s most right-wing government in history, there’s a discernible trend toward prioritizing national interests.

The protests in Ireland and France against mass immigration underscore a growing resistance to open borders, while the emergence of right-wing populist parties in Greece and the victory of an anti-immigration party in Switzerland highlight the broader sentiments at play. With leaders like Viktor Orban securing consecutive terms in Hungary and the rising influence of figures like Marine Le Pen in France, the political landscape in Europe is indeed undergoing a transformation, marked by a resurgence of nationalist and conservative ideologies.

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On the path from abundance to starvation, there usually are riots. The leftard governments want misery and starvation for humans and expect the sheep they disrespect to be led to the slaughterhouse without any pushback.

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