Six Priests Caught Wishing Pope Francis Would Die ASAP During YouTube Stream

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by Chris Black

The Pope dying would not actually do anything.

The entire Vatican is now controlled by a cartel of sexual degenerates.

That’s the reality.


It just is what it is, and there is currently nothing anyone can do to change it. The Church is not a democracy. No number of conservative clergy can organize and reverse this anal revolution.

It’s a done deal.

It will be reversed. But several unfortunate events are going to have to take place before that happens.

New York Post:

Six priests are facing “corrective measures” for a mock prayer that Pope Francis “go to heaven as soon as possible” during a conservative-leaning gathering aired on YouTube.

Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves, of Toledo, Spain, rebuked the group of priests in a statement on the archdiocese website over the comments the priests made during a video titled “The Sacristy of the Vendée. A counter-revolutionary priestly gathering” posted earlier this month.

In the clip, a Toledo priest says in his introduction “I also pray a lot for the Pope, so that he can go to heaven as soon as possible” — prompting laughter from the other priests present for the religious discussion, The Independent reported.

The Sacristy of the Vendée group offered a mild apology in a statement posted on X — but said the comment was made in jest.

“We are sorry for the unfortunate comment, said in a humorous tone, about ‘praying for the Pope to go to Heaven as soon as possible,’” it said.

“It is a comment in bad taste and, although it does not express wishes for the death of the Pope, as some media have maliciously spread … we understand that it can be understood that way,” the group added.

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