Shocking video shows two pit bulls knock disabled man from wheelchair and rip chunks out of him

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This is the horrifying moment two huge pit bull-type dogs maul a disabled man after knocking him out of his wheelchair.

Dozens of appalled neighbors were powerless to stop the two beasts from ripping ‘chunks’ out of the victim in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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The dogs, named Jumpety and Boo-boo, had escaped from the yard of a single-story where they had been cared for by neighbors since their owner was jailed.

The victim, known as ‘Smokie’, was dragged over the sidewalk as onlookers honked their car horns and one edges his semi-trailer towards the bloodthirsty hounds.

‘Everybody was gathering around, you know 20 or 30 people, throwing things and that worked for a while,’ one neighbor told local10.

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‘But then they just kept going. Chopped man and you know his face was red.’

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