She completely flipped the script. Before election she was cross checking all the talking points of the average man. She got elected, a complete 180.

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Italy’s new ‘Far Right’ Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “I would be the first to throw myself into the water to save migrants

AGI – Regarding the issue of migrants, “the point is that we can continue to grab as much as we want, but if we don’t understand that the only way to stop the dead is to stop trafficking, people will continue to die. And they can continue with their operetta hypocrisy, but anyone with a minimum of honesty cannot really believe that if I were on the scene of a tragedy I would be with my hands, that in the case of a shipwreck if I were there I would not I would be the first to jump into the water to try and save a child, regardless of who he is and where he comes from”. The Prime Minister says so, Giorgia Meloni, in the book-interview with the director of ‘Il Giornale’, Alessandro Sallusti, entitled ‘The version of Giorgia’, published by Rizzoli.

“In fact – adds the premier – I am more pro-European than many pro-proclaimed pro-Europeanists”

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Meloni has been a member of the Aspen Institute since 2021

“Giorgia Meloni has been a member of the Aspen Institute, a powerful “think tank” supported by the Rockefeller Group, among others, since February 2021. The Aspen Institute – headquartered in Washington D. C. – is funded by the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Fund, among others. Other supporters include: the Carnegie Foundation (founded in 1911), the Lumnia Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The CEO of the Institute is Walter Isaacson is in turn also a member of the World Economic Forum WEF.”

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