Several European Countries Plunged into Darkness, Widespread Power Outage Disrupts Services

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Power outages have affected several European countries amid a heatwave. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro have all experienced widespread blackouts due to an “international disturbance” that affected their power grids. As the situation unfolds, authorities are investigating the cause and working to restore electricity.

  • Affected Countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro have experienced widespread blackouts.
  • Cause Investigation: Authorities are actively investigating the cause of the disturbance. However, specific details about the root cause have not been publicly disclosed yet.
  • Restoration Efforts: Teams are working diligently to restore electricity. However, the timeline for full restoration remains uncertain.
  • Heatwave Context: These outages occurred during a heatwave, which adds urgency to the situation as people rely on electricity for cooling and other essential needs.
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