Sen. Fetterman: I’m A Senator And I’m Not Exactly Sure What Trump’s Trials Are About

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Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) in an interview on FOX News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ with host Bret Baier the race for president in Pennsylvania is going to be very “competitive.” Fetterman also said people who do not take Trump seriously do so at their peril and that he is not “exactly sure” what the trials against the former president are about.

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“Well, I mean, like I’m a sitting Senator, and I am truthly not even exactly sure what his trials are about. How many of them, whatever,” Fetterman told Baier. “I mean, I think it’s — you know, most voters in Pennsylvania agrees it’s a very stark choice as well. And so if I’m not following it that closely, I don’t think a lot of the voters there and they are going to, you know, in six months from now they’re going to have the chance to vote.”

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