Kamala’s Secret Service agents brawl: Armed agent in VP detail fights colleague; gun confiscated.

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An unexpected scuffle among Secret Service agents on duty at Joint Base Andrews has spotlighted security concerns.

Key Points:

  • Secret Service officer, assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris, involved in a physical altercation with colleagues.
  • Incident occurred at Joint Base Andrews before Harris’s planned trip to Wisconsin.
  • Agent displayed aggressive behavior, leading to a physical fight with fellow officers.
  • Senior Agent in Charge of security detail was tackled and punched by the agent in question.
  • Despite being armed, the agent’s weapon remained holstered during the altercation.
  • The Vice President was not present during the incident, ensuring her safety.
  • Identity of the agent involved has not been disclosed.
  • Secret Service confirmed the agent’s removal from duty following the altercation.
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