Scientist spent more than 90 days at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean claims it DE-AGED him by more than a decade.

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A scientist claims he has increased his lifespan by 20 percent after living 93 days underwater.

Joseph Dituri, 55, a retired Naval officer, has been living inside a 100-square-foot pod at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for 93 days, researching how a pressurized environment impacts the human body.

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The mission was also designed to beat the world record for living underwater – the previous stay was 73 days.

Dituri told that doctors conducted tests on his body to see how it changed from March to June, including tests that measure telomeres, compounds at the end of chromosomes that shorten with age.

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He claims they are now 20 percent longer, and he has up to 10 times more stem cells than when he first moved into the underwater pod in March.

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