Schumer vows to classify Trump’s election subversion acts as unofficial acts not subject to immunity

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Chuck Schumer Announces Scheme to Strip President Trump of Court-Granted Immunity and Send Him to Jail

Schumer said he would be working with his fellow Democrats to classify Trump’s acts after the 2020 election as unofficial ones not subject to immunity, thereby removing court-granted immunity.

If implemented into law, this would be a huge lifeline for the Biden regime as it tries to remove the presidential frontrunner from the field.

SCHUMER: I will work with my colleagues on legislation classifying Trump’s election subversion acts as unofficial acts not subject to immunity. We’re doing this because we believe that in America no president should be free to overturn an election against the will of the people, no matter what the conservative justices may believe.”

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As we work on this important matter, we will also continue to develop other proposals to reassert Congress’s Article One authority to rein in the abuse of our federal judiciary.

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