Sanctuary City Boston is sad and mad about getting what they voted for

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“Fort point (part of Boston ) voted 82% for Biden. So, actually you did have a say and you got what was promised. What did you think he meant when he said “surge the border” and I’ll provide free healthcare.”

“So We Get No Say?” – Wealthy Elites from Affluent Neighborhood in Sanctuary City Boston Outraged Over Local Migrant Shelter Plans (VIDEO)

Residents from Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood gathered this week to complain about a planned migrant facility that is opening soon in their affluent community.

When these elites approved of the Boston’s sanctuary status they sure didn’t agree to this!

The local residents complained to city officials, “So we have no say?” After the plans were announced for the shelter in their area…

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There were plenty of libtards marching for this bullshit.

2017 – libtard march for sanctuary city in Boston:

To Push Against Trump’s Immigration Policies, More Communities Adopt ‘Sanctuary City’ Status
May 22 2017
Activists marched in a January rally in Boston in opposition to President Trump’s threat to cut federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities.” The question of whether to adopt sanctuary city status is trending across the state since Trump’s election. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)



Trump on illegals…..

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime.
They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and
they’re telling us what we’re getting. It’s about safety. Some of the people coming here are very violent people, not all.”

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Since then, a list of businesses have announced plans to cut ties with Trump’s vast business empire:

* NBC and Univision have decided not to air the Trump-owned Miss Universe Pageant

* Macy’s is dropping his signature clothing line.

* New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a review of Trump’s city contracts.

* NASCAR is moving an annual banquet from the Trump National Doral resort in Miami.

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