Russia is Carpet Bombing Ukraine on Several Fronts, While Moving Thru Ukraine Towns & Fortified Strongholds Like a Hot Knife Thru Butter

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Formerly thought of as nearly impenetrable, zelensky’s fortified, high ground city Chasov Yar is being consumed by Russian air and ground bombardment, paratroopers, and ground forces. Russian military has overrun the eastern outskirts of the city, and is attacking from the north and south perimeter of the city. It has also taken control of a major highway which serves as an Ukraine arms deployment corridor. 2-weeks tops for total Russian control.

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Meanwhile, Russia is bombarding and advancing through towns and villages in the Karkiv region in northeastern Ukraine, and all along the previously unconquered territories of Ukraine’s eastern front.

UK built Leopard II tanks are seeing their life expectancy reduced to a week or two tops.

More than exhausted from no respite from 24/7 Russian assaults, watching their brothers in arms fall everywhere they turn, and a UA/NATO leadership quite willing to sacrifice every Ukrainian man, woman, and child, in a drug-induced fantasy of total Russian defeat, UA ground troops are dying by the thousands, and surrendering by the dozens, every single day.

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When will the world demand an end to the Ukraine and NATO self-induced genocide by Russian cop?

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