Russia gains momentum in Ukrainian conflict, breaking the stalemate, warns former CIA Director Gates.

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The dynamics in the Ukrainian conflict have shifted in favor of Russia, according to former CIA Director and Pentagon head Robert Gates. He acknowledged that the Russian military has broken the deadlock, gaining momentum in the ongoing conflict, particularly in Avdiivka.

“It’s no longer a stalemate; the Russians have gained momentum again,” remarked Gates. “All I read is that the Russians are attacking along the entire 1,000-kilometer front.”

As Ukraine grapples with a shortage of artillery shells, attributed to diminishing US support, Gates emphasized that the Russians perceive a changed situation, and the initiative has shifted in their favor.

Despite increased support from European NATO allies, immediate weapon supply remains a challenge. Gates highlighted that the primary source of significant military aid is presently on hold, as the United States assesses its stance.

In the context of the conflict, various political figures have expressed skepticism about Ukraine’s chances of victory. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev referred to Ukrainian President Zelensky as a “bloody clown,” downplaying Europe’s belief in Ukraine’s triumph. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that political changes after upcoming European Parliament and US presidential elections might contribute to peace in Ukraine.

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Orbán noted that the conflict is unlikely to end, predicting increased burdens on Europe due to reduced financial support from the US amid disputes over presidential elections.


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