Rogan O’Handley: Make no mistake – this entire operation was a coordinated takedown of Biden’s political opposition by the White House, DOJ, and blue city DAs

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House Republicans have initiated an investigation into Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, alleging coordination with the January 6 Committee (J6 Cmte). The focus of their scrutiny is a letter obtained by Republicans, revealing Willis’s request for evidence from J6 Cmte interviews.

Infuriatingly, the J6 Cmte reportedly sent evidence to Willis while strategically deleting deposition videos, hindering the ability to challenge their actions. Critics argue that this operation represents a coordinated effort by the White House, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and blue city District Attorneys to undermine political opposition to President Biden.

The unfolding events highlight concerns about the authoritarian turn of the government. Many hope that the American people will recognize the truth about the extent of corruption in the current administration, and there are calls for a thorough cleaning of the system in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Adding to the controversies, Republican Liz Cheney contemplates a third-party presidential bid with the apparent aim of preventing Trump from winning in 2024, according to Axios. Meanwhile, Jack Smith’s statement in a federal court, expressing a desire to jail Trump for criticizing the Biden Justice Department, raises eyebrows about the politicization of legal processes.

FBI Director Wray recently acknowledged that the FBI intentionally allowed the “laptop is fake” hoax to persist during the 2020 election by maintaining silence. This revelation raises questions about the FBI’s involvement in potentially influencing the election by withholding crucial information.

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These incidents collectively paint a picture of Trump facing unfair attacks on multiple fronts, raising concerns about the integrity of political and legal processes in the United States.


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