Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Challenges Biden to Unscripted Debate Amid Concerns Over Cognitive Abilities

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In a recent turn of events, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has issued a challenge to President Joe Biden, urging him to engage in an unscripted debate to address concerns about his cognitive abilities. The call comes in the wake of a series of notable mental blunders by the 82-year-old president.

Kennedy, known for his outspoken stance, emphasized the public’s right to ensure that the country is genuinely led by its president. He questioned the motivations behind propping up a leader with perceived cognitive deficits, pointing to influential interests in Washington, D.C., that may benefit from such a scenario.

The renowned environmental activist underscored the significance of unscripted encounters with voters and debates to showcase a president’s ability to handle the responsibilities of the job. Kennedy expressed concerns about the potential manipulation of the political process by powerful financial interests.

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