RFK’s VP pick is a far left wokester. Worst pick ever, but at least it will pull votes from Brandon.

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Why is no one talking about RFK choosing Nicole Shanahan X Wife of the founder of Google? RFK claims to be against Big Business and tech Censorship. Then chooses a Tech Overlord for his Vice President pick.
I get it. Campaigns are expensive. But out of all your potential VP choices you choose the X Wife of Ci Founder of Google? Come on man. Google censored the fuck out of RFK during the COVID Scamdemic. So how could you choose the wife of the X Founder.

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I get it she has a big pay check that can fight the Democrats and put you on the ballot on all 50 States. But someone being against Censorship then chooses a Censorship overlord doesn’t add up.


h/t Qplus17

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