Pushin’ Too Hard? Strategic Petroleum Reserve Draining To Combat Biden’s Energy Policies (Crude Oil UP 73% Under Biden, Food UP 21%, Rent UP 19.4%, Cocoa UP 136%, Mortgage Rates UP 156%)

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by confoundedinterest17

Bidenomics is really about insane money printing after Covid and the installation of Biden as President. Biden and The Federal Reserve are both pushin’ too hard. Biden to fundamentally change the US and The Fed trying to cope with the inflation reaction. With Covid and then Biden’s selection as President, Federal outlays exploded (blue line) and remain elevated under Biden. To help finance the (outrageous) spending The Federal Reserve massively increased the M2 Money supply (green line). Now, The Fed has withdrawn some of the excessive monetary stimulus, but there is a staggering amount monetary stimulus still swimming around the economy like a Great White Shark.

The problem with Federal policies (energy, government spending, government debt) is that there are unpredictable factors that undo the best laid plans of mice and men. And rats such as crop blights and changes in consumer habits.

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A good example is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which can be drained if craven politicians want to manage oil and gasoline prices for political purposes. Unfortunately, the promise of replenishment is made difficult by rising crude oil prices. The Biden admin cancels plan to refill emergency oil reserve amid high prices (some caused by factors such as war, often caused by government).

In fact, spot crude is up 73% under Biden. Partly, because of Biden’s promised war on fossil fuels and international disasters like war, blights, etc. This is why I cringe when I hear politicians and “economists” discuss why inflation will fall.

On the food side, we have cocoa prices rising 136% under Biden. Again, not predictable when policies were being made. Combine crop blights were rising transportation costs and DC, we have a problem! But this is one reason why The Fed, etc, focus on core inflation (excluding energy and food prices).

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There are many examples of rising prices and how they hurt consumers, particularly middle-class and low wage workers.

How did The Federal Reserve react to the inflation Biden helped create? They raised The Fed Funds Target Rate (Upper Bound) by 2,100% to combat Bidenflation. Freddie Mac’s 30-year mortgage rate is up 156% helping to crush homeownership aspiration for younger households.

And then we have Congress/Biden shoveling more than $10 billion in subsidies to Intel, even though Intel has an incentive to develop chips using borrowed funds and Intel retained earnings. But why put your shareholders at risk in case the chip gamble doesn’t payoff. Just shift the risk to US taxpayers!

But Biden has always been for sale.


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