Prime Minister Donald Tusk warns of ongoing war in Europe, suspends Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces.

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland delivered a stark message about the escalating tensions in Europe, warning of the grim reality of war. Tusk’s words, reported by various European news outlets, underscore the severity of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which he emphasized has been ongoing for over two years.

The situation has intensified further with reports of a Russian cruise missile breaching Poland’s airspace, heightening concerns among Warsaw’s military officials. In response, Poland has taken the drastic step of suspending its adherence to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), effectively removing limits on troop numbers and deployment locations.

The move by Poland signals a significant shift in military policy and raises questions about NATO’s response to the escalating tensions. As Poland takes this decisive action, calls are mounting for NATO to reassess its stance and consider similar measures to address the evolving security landscape in the region.

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