Powell and Yellen’s conflicting remarks exacerbate stagflation speculation amid economic turbulence.

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Tensions escalate as Federal Reserve Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen offer conflicting narratives amidst economic turbulence, exacerbating concerns over stagflation. Powell’s dismissal of stagflation contradicts recent economic indicators, including a sharp GDP growth downgrade to 1.6% and consecutive months of surging PCE inflation.

In a puzzling turn, Yellen asserts consumer prosperity despite rising prices, a sentiment at odds with public sentiment. This discord underscores the deepening divide between policymakers and the reality faced by many.

Core PCE inflation, stagnant or rising, presents a conundrum for the Fed, potentially hindering rate cut justifications. Powell’s cautious stance reflects the uncertain path ahead, emphasizing the need for “greater confidence” before considering rate adjustments.

Meanwhile, gold’s resurgence signals growing apprehension and prompts questions about central banks’ gold reserves and currency preferences. This enigma adds another layer to the complex economic landscape, highlighting the challenges ahead for policymakers grappling with stagflation fears.


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