Pentagon reports: U.S. warship attacked in Red Sea… Update: USS Carney shoots down drones, responds to ballistic missile targeting commercial vessel.

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USS Carney shoots down drones, responds to Iranian Houthi missile attack on commercial ship.

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The USS Carney shot down two Houthi drones headed in the ship’s direction in the southern Red Sea on Sunday and responded to a distress call from a civilian commercial vessel that was fired upon by a ballistic missile, a US defense official said.

The Carney — an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer deployed as part of the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group — “destroyed” one Houthi drone while in the southern Red Sea. At the same time, the official said, the Carney observed “at least one ballistic missile fired at a civilian commercial vessel, the M/V Unity Explorer, which landed in that vessel’s vicinity.”

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The Carney responded to the Unity Explorer’s distress call and, while assisting, shot down another Houthi drone that was heading in the direction of both ships.


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