Oregon Moves to Reintroduce Penalties for Drug Possession After Catastrophic Years-Long Junkie Utopia Experiment

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by Chris Black

Well, that escalated quickly.

I guess we’re just going to cancel the utopia?

How can you have a utopia that arrests people simply for living on the streets in tents and shooting up fentanyl in front of children?

It’s fascism.

The Guardian:

Oregon lawmakers have moved to reintroduce criminal penalties for the possession of hard drugs, in effect ending the state’s groundbreaking three-year decriminalization experiment.

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This is probably a much more relevant story than it seems.

If people in Oregon are tired of the utopia, then basically everyone is.

This is a historical step in rolling back the utopia, and returning to a society of rules.

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I don’t think it will work. Everything is too far gone. But it demonstrates that the population has democracy fatigue and is ready to surrender values and principles just to have some kind of peace and normalcy in their lives.

They should have thought of this sooner.

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