OpenAI Board Member says – Almost all forms of human labor’ will be replaced by artificial intelligence

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Bombshell statement from one of America’s leading technocrats gets scant attention from corporate mainstream media

April 8, 2024

Larry Summers is not just any businessman.

He has membership in the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, has previously served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, and recently became a member of OpenAI’s board of directors.

In short, Summers is a high-level technocrat with years of experience serving his globalist masters.

So when he makes a major prediction about our economic future, we should listen.

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Summers recently came out and predicted that nearly all labor will eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence. Not some or even most labor. He said “almost all forms of human labor.” Poof. Gone.

Summers says these epic changes will be brought on by what he and other technocrats call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and will take place quickly once they get fully ramped up, which could take another three to five years or so but nobody knows for sure about the timeframe. In the video below, fast-forward to the 7:58 mark to catch the key comments from Summers as reported in a March 24, 2024 article at Fortune magazine.

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