NY’s debit card drama demands answers – taxpayers deserve clarity, not corruption.

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So, there’s a buzz about New York’s immigrant debit card program, and let’s break it down in plain language. It turns out the person who got the contract has a connection to Barack Obama, and they didn’t even have to compete for it – no bidding, nothing.

This company, Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi), is set to make millions, and here’s how: they get fees for setting up, managing, and handing out money to migrants. The more money they give out, the more they make. But the real kicker? There’s a feeling that some of these millions might find their way back to politicians as political donations.

Now, some folks are saying, “Hold up, this isn’t fair. Our tax dollars are going to a company tied to politicians, and they’re making a fortune out of it.”

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One critic, Mike Crispi, is pretty shocked by the whole thing. He’s questioning why financial institutions linked to New York City are making big bucks from taxpayer fees, and he suspects it’s all a bit shady.

This isn’t the first time, though – seems like New York had another deal with a medical services company, DocGo, for $432 million without bidding. That one had its own share of scandals.

In the end, it looks like people want transparency and fairness. They want to know their tax dollars are going where they should, and not into a questionable contract.

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