NYC to pay out $53 MILLION to illegal immigrants in ‘pilot program’ using pre-paid debit cards

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This is the sweet spot for all of the next incoming busses.

“New York City is set to distribute $53 million worth of pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants at the cost of taxpayers.

These pre-paid debit cards, otherwise known as the “Immediate Response Card,” will help illegal immigrants buy food, according to the New York Post.

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Per conditions of the program, illegal immigrants will only be allowed to use the cards at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores are allowed to accept the cards.

Illegal immigrants risk being removed from the program if they don’t sign an affidavit promising to use the money only for food and baby necessities, according to the outlet.

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The cards are similar to the state’s food stamp program, also called SNAP, which provides financial assistance to low-income residents.

According to City Hall, the program will take the place of the current food service provided there and begin with a group of 500 migrant families staying in short-term hotels.”

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